Biomass Gasification Cogeneration System Integration


  JTL's biomass gasification and power generation project is one of the important national high-tech R&D projects, and the biomass gasification/purification/power generation system has been implemented in practice and proven to be of world leading level. According to the demand of biomass fuel and end-users, the biomass gasification process route is designed to solve environmental pollution while realizing the co-production and co-supply of multi-products of biomass gasification power generation (gas, heat, oil, fertilizer, etc.).

Core Technologies:

        Biomass briquette forming technology, livestock manure granulation technology, gasification, purification technology, and overall technology for power generation.

Main Equipments

        4500m3/h Gasification boilerhigh temperature and ultra-high pressure reheat boilersplit-cylinder reheat turbine.


    Gaoyou 10MW Biomass Gasification Power Generation ProjectAnda 2*20MW Biomass Gasification Power Generation ProjectRaohe 20MW Biomass Gasification Power Generation Project.

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