After more than 20 years of development, the company has established a stable long-term strategic partnership with customers through high-quality, safe and reliable products and professional after-sales service, and established a good brand image in the industry. Our customers include BaoSteel, Anben Steel, Shenhua Group, Huaneng Group, China Petroleum, Sinopec, China Power, Lafarge, Heidelberg and other domestic and foreign enterprises, products are exported to Asia, Africa and South America and other countries and regions, in Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam and other countries to establish a sales network, has completed 18MW / 12MW / 6MW and 22MW/1.2MW projects under construction. In the future, the company will form a pattern of simultaneous development of high-end manufacturing products and system technology integration services at home and abroad.
  • Bakistan ICI-soda ash Project 2x80t/h CFB Boiler+1x18MW Turbine

  • Philippines DMCI MASBATE Thermal Power Plant Project 75t/h Boiler+17MW Turbine

  • Thailand CAS Paper Mill 12MW Co-generation Plant Project 75t/h Boiler +12MW Turb

  • Thailand Phichit AVA Industrial Waste Incineration Power Generation Project

  • Indonesia PT ESM Palm Oil Chemical Project 2x50t/h CFB Boiler+1x15MW Turbine

  • Indonesia Palm Oil Chemical Project 85t/h CFB Boiler+1x7MW Turbine

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