Waste Heat and Gas Cogeneration System Integration



        By recovering the waste heat and gas resources generated in the coking process for heat and power generation, it realizes the recycling of resources and reduces a large amount of dust and waste gas pollution, which has significant energy-saving and environmental benefits.

Highly efficient utilization of surplus gas and waste heat generated during process production in metallurgical and refining industries for power generation

Core Technologies

        1.High parameterization - Increase the difference in energy available at the hot and cold ends (small unit UHP, subcritical);

        2.Reheat cycle - Provides Rankine cycle efficiency;

        3.Quality Assurance - Main equipment provider (JTL Turbine Company, Shanghai Industrial Boiler Company, JTL Blower Company)

Main Equipments

       High efficiency boiler and turbine - Low nitrogen combustion in boiler, low emission concentration; adaptable to small-capacity, high-parameter split-cylinder high-speed turbines, with a cycle efficiency of 42%,Main steam parameters: 13.24 MPa, 535℃,Gas consumption rate: Original 4.19 Nm3/kw reduced to 3.15 Nm3/kw


        Delong Steel 1*40MW High Temperature Ultra High Pressure Intermediate Reheat Gas Power Generation ProjectXinjiang 4×30MW Industrial Silicon Fume Waste Heat Power Generation ProjectHebei Huaiyang High Temperature Ultra-high Pressure Intermediate Reheat Biomass Power Generation ProjectHebei Shengtao 2*140t/h.

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