Cold and Heat Storage Energy Source Station Integration


        Dual-storage cooling and heating energy stations are designed to convert electrical energy into cooling/heating energy for storage at low electricity prices, and then release the cooling/heating energy steadily to achieve cooling/heating effect at peak electricity consumption, which has significant economic benefits compared to traditional cooling/heating equipment.

Core Technologies

        1.MaximICE® is  advanced dynamic ice production technology for commercial and industrial applications, with its  unique planetary orbit swing-rod undercooling falling-film technology for continuous ice production.

2.Using high and low peak electricity prices and the law of electricity consumption, the ice storage and cooling system by "shifting peaks and filling valleys" way, Ice storage at night and cooling during the daywhich can save the operation cost of central air conditioning users, and at the same time, it is beneficial to the smooth operation of urban power supply system.

3.The ice slurry storage system is to inject 3%-5% of glycol solution directly into the ice making unitwhere numerous tiny ice crystals are generated. The ice crystals are "dissolved" in the glycol solution and delivered as a "fluid" to the ice storage tank, so it is also called a "liquid ice" cold storage system.

Main Equipments

        Dynamic ice slurry refrigerator unit (made by Greensmile)

Project Performance

        Wuxi Industrial Boiler Cold and Heat Storage Energy Source Station Integration

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